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Intelliversity is the online not-for-profit business funding academy, intended to serve both innovators and investors. Intelliversity believes that innovators deserve respect as the “fountainhead” of human progress. With this in mind, Intelliversity offers a library of writings about alternative funding tools that increase the chances of funding AND investment success in innovation. A portion of Arthur Lipper’s writings appear in the Intelliversity library along with those of other financial trendsetters. Click here for access to the Intelliversity Campus site.

New Royalties Patent: Press Release

LOS ANGELES, CA: February 18, 2018: Arthur Lipper, Chairman of British Far East Holdings Ltd., announced the filing of a U.S. patent application for a new contractual and structural approach to revenue royalties. These new approaches will be of interest to private companies, government organizations, university research groups and other revenue-generating entities that are able […]

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