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Intelliversity is the online not-for-profit business funding academy, intended to serve both innovators and investors. Intelliversity believes that innovators deserve respect as the “fountainhead” of human progress. With this in mind, Intelliversity offers a library of writings about alternative funding tools that increase the chances of funding AND investment success in innovation. A portion of Arthur Lipper’s writings appear in the Intelliversity library along with those of other financial trendsetters. Click here for access to the Intelliversity Campus site.

The Use of Leverage with Royalties

To answer the question as to the degree of leverage the royalty investor should use, one has to know the characteristics of royalties purchased and the number of royalties in a portfolio If the royalties purchased are issued by established, profitable and revenue-increasing companies then a relatively high degree of leverage may be justified, drpending on the investor’s overall objectives and risk tolerance. Note the use of the word “companies”, as the aggressive investor needs […]

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